The Impasse

Another day has past, and the launch has been delayed. The actors in my show are getting nervous, wondering if they put their faith in the wrong person to present their fey side to the world and present themselves to the public in the most tasteful way. But the principle behind the project, is a flighty headed mortal with ideas larger than his mind, or eyes bigger than his belly, whichever fits the bill.

My hallucinations are ready, their purchase assured at the UnSeelie bazaar, paid for in currency no bank can touch, but I must admit to some conflict arising; out of the simple proofs the fey are providing to show me they really exist in our world, as much of a physical presence as any, on the highway on top of the world.

It is the presence of that ancient trail that has so unbalanced me, from the calm acceptance of magic being as real as you and me. Then along came a thousand foot tall doggy, carved into a mountainside, and I feel my natural photography is taking front and centre stage.

Naturally, the queen has become somewhat perturbed. She has put forth her best glamour to ensorcel my mind. She is, of course, above such things as vanity but she has finally agreed to let her Fey run free, so long as they get their just presentation to the world in such a fashion as to make it abundantly clear. The world is a far more magical place than any of us ever dreamed, in our modern comfortable “superiority,” and history should get used to entertaining ideas outside of the box. It just supposes that it seems to me, an entire subject heading deserves a great deal more attention paid to it, than the old…”we do not know why the ancestors believed so, but we know religion was the major focus of their lives, because they were credulous and not near as advanced as we. It is, frankly amazing, that they were able to develop such complex science, language and navigation principles when they had no technology.

In the opinion of the fey; they think we are a little stupid for thinking that way. Instead of saying, “we do not know how they did the things they do, try reverse engineering and say, “they did it, it looks impossible, what could possibly have aided their construction, and how come the etymology of words bear with them stark, literal truths.

I will close with a question, or maybe two.

Why is the meaning of the Star named Mintaka, accurate beam scale?

I do not know the answer to that, but I do have a hint to send you on your way down the rabbitt hole, and that is the space anomaly between us and that star, that returns two different distance values based on light speed. That anomaly is light years distant but it seems to me, the ancients knew it was there and used it to measure something accurately…what? Who knows but; the great pyramid is located tap dead centre of the worlds landmass, it’s coordinates add up to the speed of light and it is centred on Mintaka, as are most of the remaining structures from the time before time was recorded.

Personally, I think gravitational lensing lending its principles to my query, measuring the most accurate distance of something, and though the Queen of the Fey assures me it’s nothing to worry about.

Out here on the bleeding edge of reality, some of us are wondering which side of the black hole we are on.

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