The Bleeding edge daily:

Up here on the bleeding edge of reality, we tend to be a bit scattered in our thinking, this may have to do with the collision between realms that converges, ironically, in a boundary that cuts my home in half.

When I walk from my bedroom to my bathroom, I traverse the boundary and time goes out of focus.

My office, I roll across the floor, one side is the earth I know, the other is populated with an alien ecosystem I have never seen. Bursting at the seams with vitality.

I walk out the front door and everything stays nice and unremarkably normal, I walk out the back and causality takes over.

What I see outside when I venture forth, depends on which foot I put out the door first and did I make sure to greet the sun.

I know I cannot be in my own world anymore, this is a mirrored reflection, because I am surrounded on all sides with a world I have never imagined and I must admit, it has thrown me for a loop and the ride has been eye opening as more and more images assault me.

I know this cannot be the earth I grew up in, there is no way I would have missed all of this in the previous decades.

“Face it, you were blind, your eyes turned inward, focused on life’s journey through a narrowed lens of sense, and duty. You were stolidly marching against an overwhelming tide. Have compassion for yourself, very few ever get the chance to see what is truly surrounding you. Your environs are something very special…do your best to display it with Higher thinking being your choice of palette.”

I call this place the bleeding edge of reality because it seems so impossible, yet is proving true to my perspective almost every day and I need to take action, if only to express the difference of opinion of what is seen, perceived and not seen, and what fills up the empty spaces.

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