Expanding like The Universe

No matter how much time and effort I put into capturing my story as succinctly as possible and presenting it to the world in my own interpretation, rather than the voices of those who will come after, and especially in front of the voices of my community, I am being swept out to sea by an ever expanding list of things to do, prior to my official debut.

I will try to capture them here, nail the task list down to something, and maybe it will stop slithering and ballooning and will let the wildness of the construct find its footing and say…” you there, the one who is producing this opus, get off your lazy butt and get these spirits a drink, it is Sunday, time for a stout…then after you whet your parched throat, it is your turn to tell a story. What did you think of the last one, it was from the leshy, it’s true, she can see into the hearts of all men and see the secrets hidden within.

I do not think that one was for publishing at all, as far as personal goes, it encompassed most of my life and put an entirely different spin on my personal recollections, and the intersecting points were profound…it was really quite exposing and I feel somewhat nervous that that reality has a purchase in my life. It was a disquieting revelation to put it mildly. It revealed a hidden hand in all that I have done, one that can only be described as adversarial. One good thing, however, that those memories provided was some bolstering to by self respect…if those things actually went on in my life…I was one of the best businessmen you can imagine…I kept them afloat for years, in the face of an invisible conflict, that had me working from the bottom in every respect, as though the adversary was desperate to smash the very operation that was created to make my life as miserable as possible. Thank god it was just a story.

Yes, a story it is true, and true to the story you will be, it has a place in this show, now do your list and figure out your game winning strategy, remember you are channeling Morgan Spurlock here…with no sponsorship and a budget made out of collected wealth scraped together and by providence the last asset provides the means to rise up once again, hold your head high and say…”yep, I have what it takes, with an extra tank of petrol besides.”

So in no particular order…

1. You have the you tube videos, faint as the images are, use the video editor first to see if you cannot create some substance and post them with your dolphins…all of them, why not? You may have discovered a bug, whatever it is does it ever act weird when you hit it with strobe lights. Well worth the watch if a little hard on the eyes, be careful to not let them overwhelm you. You have the dolphins, the alien bug, and the gateway to another dimension, those should do, and the traffic will decide by your number of views just how many other people see it, and that makes your invisible visible, and will cement the reality in your eyes.

whiterabbitts.picfair.com is one of the display and sales rooms. It is a very nice site, with easy to use navigation and a well set up framework for selling your digital photos…notice how that did not scan, it should have said creations, but they do not want to see your artistic receptions, front and centre pictures based firmly in reality, no adjusting and reamaking the view…no turning it to the dimension of the face, they are very shy about this you know…it is their big debut in this time and want to make the best impression, for the next site, which is for your digital creations….

That sight is still slightly on the drawing board, stuck between scrapping one for an upgrade, and upgrade you are doing for sure, you want it to look as good as you can, yes that is going to put you behind, the number of upgrades these sites have taken, and the subscriptions signed…this needs to work, or it will be bread and water for the rest of the year, and memories of working at the top of your game, will be all that remain to you…yes this is a form of life and death struggle, the story of my life…to always be pushing the edge of my capabilities, pushing and pulling rather, right on the edge. It leads to a lot of backtracking and mistakes made, but is very exciting when you can feel a connection occurring and you tie something together, usually with something that came out of the blue, and would never have been imagined, if it were not for the constant agitation that comes from testing the very edge of your mind and listening to what it said.

Shorter now you have things to do…this e-commerce site will be devoted to presenting your artistic creations, your creatoons, which you are inordinately proud of and thankful you decided that in your passive income idea, you would own the content lock stock and two…don’t do it, you may owe a copywriter usage…and go back and censor out all of the swearing, you are rated G remember, if a little rough around the edges.

So videos, landscape photography (that is code for archeological discovery that will blow your #@$&)*( mind., creations and short stories. The book is not ready yet, and will not be before you enter the world photo competition and begin your countdown to convergence begins.

Do not forget to mention, this site…it is the hub, and hopefully as slick looking as the upgrades will have you believe. You hope so, you feel an affinity for the words word and press, you are going full meal deal with them and combining it all under one umbrella so you can see it in one place.

Can you see the trail…pretty cool. Took this in 1996

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