Working in reverse

I am improving, I have created content and managed to get some pages ready, along with some scheduled blog posts. My automation bot (that’s me) shall go off seamlessly when I press the start button and this little project launches. I really, do not know how much time I have invested. I downloaded an app to help me with my timing. I am supposed to clock in and out and it will keep a record of my endeavours. But it keeps clocking me out, I guess that adds up to too many hours. No matter, I am having quite a bit of fun; which is what this is all about, no matter the seriousness of the subjects discussed, here at the market tavern, where fate has run up such a large tab, she may have to Lean on the keep to cover her.

One of these days I will work up the nerve to ask her to pay off a little, but not yet, I am too nervous, the fey all smile whenever ai consider it. And a smiling fey casts glamour they say, what would I know about it, I am still trying to figure out why they like it here in the first place.

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