This keeps getting better

So my WordPress site is all a mess, trying to get it set up nice and proper, the domain never registered, I am using an email that says it is not registered, and I am having flow and content issues. Could it get any worse than this. Yes it can, oh yes it can. My e-commerce site is a bust, you cannot buy anything off of it despite setting up everything according to instructions. My portfolio site is a mess, I have put the pics in the wrong order, and you can just download them for free, which defeats the entire purpose of this cunning plan in the first place.

Later I tried to set up a sole proprietorship, the stupid thing glitched, after I had paid but before it was final completion which screws up the bank who needed to verify a business address, oh god can it get any worse. Yes it can. My crypto currency wallet has glitched and I think a big one…the transaction is on the blockchain, the addresses are verified and it is completed…so how come it won’t register them as existing…that really sucks because it does, but not as bad as the fact that I can’t get any currency out at all, because of the biometrics and 2fa authorization keep switching screens on me and it wants a confirmation code but I don’t know where it is sending it to, sweet Jesus everything glitches non stop…do not edit your book this evening…it is the ides of march, an Ill omened day, but is also the day I found out I was a father, it kind of makes a morbid sense, considering the dozen years in court that followed being handed my ass repeatedly by judges and lawyers who just do not care to sully themselves with something as tawdry as fathers rights, who cares about them. Well, your honor, I CARE ABOUT ME, THANKS FOR THE DEATH SENTENCE, I sure appreciate it, but that is not the point of your rant, you were talking about glitches, talk about your first NFT masterpiece that is a work of true art, to give them respectability. But I messed up, forgot a profile, did not list it for sale, just make an offer, to a wallet that will not send any currency because it is greedy and thinks all that shib is worth lots of money. It is not. One of these days I will get this sorted. And then all will be pleasantly revealed and the mass population will be galvanized to purchase my art and hopefully stories, and a novel or two. It has been a busy few years and Ali want to capitalize on the output, with the passive income generating hobby time making money is fun you will see. Not the job kind, the I am having fun kind, instead of laboring under the sun for some douchebag who steals your bonus every month, what a douchebag.

That was twenty five years ago dude, and you’re still pissed about that bonus.

You betcha I am, when you’re as tired as I am and bereft of words that make sense, best just to fake it and let them run amok.

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