My Skills are Wasted

Yes, indeed they are. You, sir, should be at the forefront of cutting edge technical know how smack dab with an arsenal of software and hardware driven mechanical skills and should stop wasting your time with a paltry shop selling photographs and should, instead, ascend to working for one of the great tech giants coding stuff and raking in the dough.

That was my interruptery daydream that is so named for interrupting my WordPress time to daydream about getting something to go right while you build your site, while you should be patiently reentering the data again, properly, and continue to search for that elusive delete and start from scratch button; that you specifically scheduled into your phone calendar so you would actually spend time following structured instructions on how to set up your sight to sell digital file downloads; but instead you regale your yet to exist audience with every hiccup you run into in some cheap by play you hope will one day prove entertaining for the salivating masses you just know are waiting to gobble up your fare.

“Yes,” I reply calmly, “So?”

Sooooooo, uh, I guess I should learn some technical jargon?

“How about technical skill in the first place.”

Sod off.

The shop has moved forward and the anticipatory opening date of sometime in the next 45 days or so is bang on schedule. With its inclusion in my calendar it shall meld seamlessly into my schedule and the hitches and glitches will smooth out and the hobs and gobs will cooperate. This is the magic of the calendar. This also marks the first time in my entire timeline of owning cell phones;the first time I have ever used the calendar app to schedule anything. This is a major move forward on the whole project.

I have 3 things in the calendar and they are each in eighty minute blocs starting at 2:00 pm and ending at Dinner. They repeat each day indefinitely. They are dieting, eating and eating sweets. After dinner I am thinking of adding more to the calendar but am nervous with the commitment I am already making to this project. Oh well. The more effort, the better tasting the reward.

Except they didn’t mean starting at instruction 1 and repeating from the beginning for every step you take because you have the technical skills of a stunned rabbit.

“Yes,…that is rabbitt with two t’s.”

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