Let there be light.

I should be publishing this page in an orgy of marketing bliss, along with umpteen contacts and oodles of customers in a celebration of artistic achievement. Alas, am not. I am stuck fiddling with things, pressing buttons on things, trying not to swear at all the apps who are just doing there job as they were programmed to at midnight on a Friday swing shift. Things are coming along slowly, I should be ready to go right when my years subscription is up for renewal. I shall persevere, however, and probably spend more money on shiny things but the work is coming along. Soon there should be the starting inventory of digital captures of the Fey in my hallucinations collection but there is plenty coming down the pipe. Stories, photos, videos and my ever bubbly and cheerful character displayed with my posts as I cajole, wheedle, threaten, beg and even straight hustle coins from your purse into my wallet. The horde are laughing even louder at me, they are getting excited about their debut. The fey, certainly are a creative bunch.

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