In the Beginning

In the beginning, there was difficulty in understanding the app and its many functions. As I delve deeper into its structure, the mystery deepens further. Will our intrepid hero ever manage to get his online store operational? Will he deliver stunning abstract art of the other side to a highly anticipatory public audience? Will he waste his Saturday night creating a blog post for his Blog that is not even close to the content of his online shop or its intended purpose, or frankly towards its intended audience. This is just a rant because I am getting testy over my lack of technical skills. It cannot be that hard to put together now can it. It’s abstract art. How hard can that be. Just go ask the fairy hiding behind the dragons eyebrow over by that joking Spider, they will know, or be able to guide you towards a creature that does. They also think it’s pretty funny you are having such a hard time publishing these pictures. You cannot have everything so easy now Richard, somethings must come with effort.

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