I Took the day off to stress.

So I took today off from my obsessive drive to get my new email address registered so it will work and, instead, spent the day focusing on not focusing on anything. This led to beer, which is delicious when your mind is devoid of anything resembling the thought of e-mails, Mx reports and when did I have to learn to code to get one set up, and it went down refreshingly, but not as refreshingly as it could because, despite my strict adherence to believe in only secular and conforming ideological beliefs, I keep running into the same problem, over and over again and that is the feys insistence that I pay a tariff for this disbelief and test me sorely each day here at the market tavern by obnoxiously “being,” and refusing to jump back in to the stories from whence they came. They are impatient for my show to begin, yet are shy about the whole thing altogether and wonder if a broken hearts tears were enough of a price to collect in exchange for their discovery by the earthly mortal realm that exists on the Tuesday which is not to be misconstrued as a earthly Wednesday which is an entirely different kettle of fish when one counts on two hands, the number of universes that have come to call at the highways end.

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